[infinispan-dev] Differences between default values in the XSD and the code...Part One

Alan Field afield at redhat.com
Wed Sep 24 04:09:01 EDT 2014


At this point, no one has disagreed with the default values that Dan suggested, so I am going to use these in the coming pull request. I am still checking the server defaults vs the XSD.

The discussion about keeping the XSD and code synchronized should continue, and hopefully we'll come to a solution that is more automatic than the current state. Removing JAXB may have been the correct decision, but the replacement seems to have created a bigger maintenance problem.


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> Subject: [infinispan-dev] Differences between default values in the XSD and the code...Part One
> Hey,
> I have been looking at the differences between default values in the XSD vs
> the default values in the configuration builders. [1] I created a list of
> differences and talked to Dan about his suggestion for the defaults. The
> numbers in parentheses are Dan's suggestions, but he also asked me to post
> here to get a wider set of opinions on these values. This list is based on
> the code used in infinispan-core, so I still need to go through the server
> code to check the default values there.
> 1) For locking, the code has concurrency level set to 32, and the XSD has
> 1000 (32)
> 2) For eviction:
>    a) the code has max entries set to -1, and the XSD has 10000 (-1)
>    b) the code has interval set to 60000, and the XSD has 5000 (60000)
> 3) For async configuration:
>    a) the code has queue size set to 1000, and the XSD has 0 (0)
>    b) the code has queue flush interval set to 5000, and the XSD has 10 (10)
>    c) the code has remote timeout set to 15000, and the XSD has 17500 (15000)
> 4) For hash, the code has number of segments set to 60, and the XSD has 80
> (60)
> 5) For l1, the code has l1 cleanup interval set to 600000, and the XSD has
> 60000 (60000)
> Please let me know if you have any opinions on these default values, and also
> if you have any ideas for avoiding these differences in the future. It seems
> like there are two possibilities at this point:
> 1) Generating the XSD from the source code
> 2) Creating a test case that parses the XSD, creates a cache, and verifies
> the default values against the parsed values
> 3) ???
> Thanks,
> Alan
> [1] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-4645
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