[infinispan-dev] Infinispan URL format

Sebastian Laskawiec slaskawi at redhat.com
Wed Jun 8 02:04:30 EDT 2016

Hi Tristan!

Multi tenancy is more an endpoint thing. If you look into the Configuration
part of the design [1] you might notice that I'm actually routing between
"hotrod-connector"s (which means between ProtocolServer instances).

So to be consistent I believe the [/cachemanager] part should be mapped to
the name used in hotrod-connector. Here is an example to make is more clear:
<hotrod-connector name="*hotrod1*" cache-container="default">
<hotrod-connector name="*hotrod2*" cache-container="default">

With the above configuration we will need the following URIs:

   - infinispan:hotrod://[host1][:port1][,[host2][:port2]].../*hotrod1*
   - infinispan:hotrod://[host1][:port1][,[host2][:port2]].../*hotrod2*



On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 9:46 AM, Tristan Tarrant <ttarrant at redhat.com>

> In the past there has been talk of representing a connection to
> Infinispan using a URL, in particular for HotRod.
> The Hibernate OGM team is now working on adding NoSQL datasources to
> WildFly, and they've asked for they should represent connections to
> various of these.
> For Hot Rod:
> infinispan:hotrod://[host1][:port1][,[host2][:port2]]...[/cachemanager]
> The [cachemanager] part is for multi-tenant servers (Hot Rod doesn't
> currently support this, so this is forward-looking).
> Obviously we will support all of the HotRod properties for specifying
> things like security, etc.
> For Embedded:
> infinispan:embedded:file://path/to/config.xml (for specifying an
> external config file)
> infinispan:embedded:jndi://path/to/jndi (for referencing a cachemanager
> in JNDI)
> infinispan:embedded: (configuration specified as properties)
> For the latter, we also need to be able to represent an infinispan
> configuration using properties with a simple mapping to XML
> elements/attributes, e.g.
> cache-manager.local-cache.mycache.eviction.size=1000
> Comments are welcome
> Tristan
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