[infinispan-dev] Sequential interceptors API

Radim Vansa rvansa at redhat.com
Wed Jun 8 08:23:48 EDT 2016


I would like to encourage you to play with the (relatively) new API for 
sequential interceptors, and voice your comments - especially you corish 
devs, and Galder who has much experience with async invocations and that 
kind of stuff from JS-world.

I am now trying to use the asynchronous methods only (the 
forkInvocationSync() is only temporary helper!); Dan has made it this 
way as he wanted to avoid unnecessary allocations, and I welcome this 
GC-awareness, but regrettably I find it rather hard to use, due to its 
handler-style nature. For the simplest style interceptors (do this, 
invoke next interceptor, and process result) it's fine, but when you 
want to do something like:

visitFoo(cmd) {
    Object x = null;
    if (/* ... */) {
        x = invoke(new OtherCommand());
    invoke(new DifferentCommand(x));
    Object retval = invoke(cmd);
    return wrap(retval);

I find myself passing handlers deep down. There is allocation cost for 
closures, so API that does not allocate CompletableFutures does not pay off.

I don't say that I could improve it (I have directed my comments to Dan 
on IRC when I had something in particular), I just say that this is very 
important API for further Infinispan development and everyone should pay 
attention before it gets final.

So please, play with it, and show your opinion.


Radim Vansa <rvansa at redhat.com>
JBoss Performance Team

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