[jboss-as7-dev] Automatically generate AS7 module.xml files from maven poms?

Thomas Diesler thomas.diesler at jboss.com
Thu Dec 23 07:05:30 EST 2010

In the new year I can add a few use cases to the testsuite that expose 
the issue.
Let's revisit what to do when we can talk about specifics.

Have a good holiday - all

On 12/21/2010 06:09 PM, Jason T. Greene wrote:
> On 12/21/10 2:54 AM, Thomas Diesler wrote:
>> For this to work it'd be necessary for a module to define its
>> capabilities/requirements. At runtime, there should be a "gate keeper"
>> to the modules dependency API - the Resolver. Deployments would also
>> define their respective set of capabilities/requirements. The resolver
>> could reject a deployment if the runtime does not provide the required
>> set of capabilities. This could happen with very detailed error
>> response. Currently we have various DUPs that use the modules dependency
>> API. IMHO these DUPs cannot be expected to produce consistent wiring
>> graphs for the non-trivial setups that we expect in future. Instead a
>> single authority should be tasked to validate that a set of modules can
>> be installed in an existing setup. This must happen without modifying
>> the existing setup.
> No matter where you move the dependency information, there is still
> going to be some kind of human factor here.
> To reiterate, we must resist the urge to do fancy things that make our
> (and not our users') life easier, as it costs us performance. The only
> way we are going to remain as fast as we are, is if we continue to push
> ourselves.
> That said, I think we can do all kinds of error checking during build,
> which to me makes way more sense then any kind of runtime analysis (why
> continually verify what is known to be good?).

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