[jboss-as7-dev] Undeploy problem, ServerDeploymentManager, Bundle deployment

Thomas Diesler thomas.diesler at jboss.com
Tue Dec 21 04:14:55 EST 2010


I took another stab at bundle deployment, which now works again for 
hot-deployment, please pull https://github.com/jbosgi/jboss-

     #1 Undeploy does generally not take the DeploymentUnitService down.
     #2 ServerDeploymentManager service is not installed
     #3 Arquillian container cannot deploy because of #2
     #4 Bundle deployment through JMX cannot go through processors 
because of #2

When removing the deployment marker file, the deployment scanner does 
not seem to pick that up. I've not yet looked into why this would be.

What's the plan for the ServerDeploymentManager service. Both the 
Arquillian and the OSGi subsystem depend on that. The Arquillian 
container does its test deployment through it. The OSGi subsystem 
delegated to it from a hook into the BundleContext.installBundle(...) API.

AFAICS, the ServerDeploymentManager service is the last missing piece 
before we can resurrect the smoke tests.


Thomas Diesler
JBoss OSGi Lead
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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