[jboss-dev] M2 planning and timeline

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Dec 14 07:48:57 EST 2009

Another non trivial thing worth a look for M2 is how the list of JPA providers is handled in JBoss AS.
Basically, each app has a custom list of providers (it depends on what libs are available). In OSGi, it's even worse as these people tend to hot redeploy JPA providers to show that... well they can :)

Today the default implementation of PersistenceProviderResolver caches the list of providers (with a weak key) per classloader. Very likely the AS has the hooks to:
 - know at deployment the list of persistence providers and thus can pre populate the list
 - know when an app is undeployed and thus remove the list from the cache.
 - in case of OSGi apply some more magic.

So JBoss AS needs a custom PersistenceProviderResolver implementation.

On 11 déc. 2009, at 23:02, Jason T. Greene wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> Now that M1 is out lets talk about M2 and what can make the release. The 
> tentative release plan we have talked about is a integration freeze on 
> Feb 1, with an eventual freeze in late Feb. However, before we get more 
> absolute dates we really need to nail down on what we aim to deliver in 
> that time frame.
> From an EE perspective it seems the following are close enough that 
> they could make such a schedule:
> Full Servlet 3
> Full JPA 2
> Some EJB 3.1 capabilities (but which ones?)
> Other updates that have been proposed:
> - Inclusion of Remoting 3 (but full service porting to occur later)
> - Inclusion of HornetQ (need to understand more about the effort to migrate)
> If your project is on the above list, let me know what your schedule is 
> like, and if it can fit the above timeline.
> If your project update is not on the list, but would like to have it 
> included, and the above timeframe is workable, let me know.
> Thanks!
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