[jboss-dev] Remove unused components from trunk

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 10:59:12 EST 2009

> It was my impression that the use of
> org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport was discouraged in AS5 in favor of
> pojos w/JMX annotations.  Are there any plans to officially deprecate
> ServiceMBeanSupport in AS6 to further encourage the migration of
> existing mbeans (there are several dozen subclasses) to the more loosely
> coupled pojo model?

If it's not yet officially deprecated, it should be.

Once I'm done with this:
I'll have a closer look on what we can/should do with those existing mbeans.
But it will definitely require a joined effort to be completely off 
mbeans - hence making JMX usage optional as we always promised.

My guess is we still have mbeans for admin and notification purposes?
The first one should be replaced with EmbeddedJopr ops, the 2nd one with 
proper MC's dependencies.

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