aop and jmx-mc-int WAS Re: [jboss-dev] JBAS-6577 - Moved the ServiceController to the Microcontainer project

Adrian Brock abrock at
Thu Mar 5 15:03:45 EST 2009


This project currently has a dependency on aop-mc-int
because of the @JMX stuff for the ServiceController.

Do you want to take ownership of that within aop-mc-int?

That way users of the ServiceController won't drag in all the aop
dependencies if they don't need/use it.

Alternatively, we could move it to a jmx-aop-mc-int subproject,
but I'm not sure this one feature deserves its own jar?

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 20:55 +0100, Adrian Brock wrote:
> NOTE: This only effects trunk (JBoss6).
> Please don't modify the code in system-jmx in trunk!
> As part of the jmx tidyup, I've moved the ServiceController and related
> classes to the microcontainer project:
> This will allow people to use the ServiceController and
> ServiceMBeanSupport, etc. outside JBossAS, e.g. testing.
> It makes sense for the ServiceController to be on the same release
> schedule as the core MC and its related projects.
> The task remains open in JBossAS until it actually uses the moved code
> and we can remove the old code from system-jmx. 
> I've got to do the jmx deployers and some other tidyup before that can
> occur.
> Ales, don't copy this into the 2.x branch just yet. 
> Wait until the other work is done and we've got it working in JBoss6. 
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