[jboss-dev] jbossas -beans.xml opt

Brian Stansberry brian.stansberry at redhat.com
Wed May 13 13:23:27 EDT 2009

How about a hypothetical:

(3) @org.jboss.aop.microcontainer.annotations.EnableAOP

and fall back to plain POJO handling by default.

Ales Justin wrote:
> I'm looking for volunteers or the people responsible for the existing 
> -jboss-beans.xml files in jbossas. :-)
> The reason is a new way to optimize boot time a bit.
> We have two new annotations we can add to our beans.
> (1) @org.jboss.beans.metadata.api.annotations.MCAnnotations
> This one takes two attributes:
> (a) Class<? extends Annotation>[] value() default {};
> (b) boolean ignore() default false
> With (a) you can provide a set of annotation classes that might be used 
> on your bean/class to use MC's IoC.
> e.g. @org.jboss.beans.metadata.api.annotations.Inject
> Only matching plugins will be then used, instead of all.
> With (b) you can simply say ignore any @annotation MC IoC lookup.
> This is probably mostly true for all beans.
> (2) @org.jboss.aop.microcontainer.annotations.DisableAOP
> This one instructs MC to ignore transparent AOP usage when handling your 
> bean.
> It will not look for aspect dependencies or try to create an AOP proxy.
> It will simply fall back to plain POJO handling.
> If you use @JMX or anything similar, this should then *not* be used.
> But for anything else it should be good to use it.
> How to use this?
> (a) either annotate your service/bean classes
> (b) simply use xml way of annotating your beans
> e.g. 
> <annotation>@org.jboss.beans.metadata.api.annotations.MCAnnotations({org.jboss.beans.metadata.api.annotations.Inject.class})</annotation> 
> <annotation>@org.jboss.aop.microcontainer.annotations.DisableAOP</annotation> 
> (c) if you know that none of your beans in <deployment> (-beans.xml 
> file) uses any of the needed features,
> you can simply add xml way to the <deployment> element.
> This way all beans inherit the annotation from deployment.
> So, let's get busy "annotating" those jbossas beans. ;-)
> ps: how should we proceed with this? :-)
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