[jboss-dev] Shelly Leading JBoss AS6 to completion

Dimitris Andreadis dandread at redhat.com
Fri Aug 27 11:56:05 EDT 2010

Hello folks,

As we are marching on both the JBoss AS6 and AS7 development fronts and AS6 is well on its
way for the final stage, the EE6 TCK certification, Jason Greene will be handing over the
Lead for AS6 to Shelly McGowan, so Jason can focus more onto AS7 development.

Shelly is already responsible for the EE6 certification effort and will bring AS6 to
completion in the CR and Final releases to follow, so please coordinate with her and assist
her for the remaining AS6 development/certification work.

Congratulations to Shelly! Let's get those releases out!


Dimitris Andreadis
Software Engineering Manager
JBoss Application Server
by Red Hat


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