[jboss-user] [JBoss Seam] - Re: SFSB vs SLSBs for implementing actions in a conversation

lawrieg do-not-reply at jboss.com
Tue Feb 20 06:31:36 EST 2007

I've been mulling over all the posts overnight and I have to say that I'm still a little bit confused...

If I understand correctly, what is being said is that there are three quite different approaches to take when writing Seam apps (but you might use 1 & 2 together):

1. Implement all your conversational code in Stateful Session Beans. Each SFSB will implement a number of related use-cases (conversations). You would use an EJB3 Extended Persistence Context which has the scope of the SFSBs lifetime.

2. Implement all your conversational code in SLSBs and hold your conversation state in some other components and inject/outject them on your SLSB on every method call. You would use the Seam-Managed Persistence Context as this has the scope of a conversation. (Although, like  Christian says, this seems like making work for yourself unless you are passing very small amounts of state and want bookmark-ability) 

3. Implement all your conversational code using Seam-managed Javabeans. You would use the Seam-Managed Persistence Context as this has the scope of a conversation.

Now where I'm getting bit lost (and I might be being a bit thick because I'm full of flu and didn't get much sleep last night) is how you would actually implement the Seam-managed Javabeans approach. How does Seam know to make a regular Javabean into a Seam-managed Javabean (and does this bean now basically mimic a SFSB but with Seam storing its state in the Session)? Have you got to extend EntityHome to get this functionality?

Also, if you were going the SFSB or the Seam-managed Javabean route, would you tend to implement all the related use-cases (/conversations) for a particular business area in the same one bean? Say you also had a requirement to display a list of Customers (and provide each row with view, edit, delete links), would you implement this functionality in the same bean as well?



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