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Fri Dec 5 00:22:23 EST 2008

JBoss Application Server 5.0.0.GA has been release and is available for download.

JBoss 5.0.0.GA Release Notes

This is the final release of the JBoss 5.0 series for the Java EE™5 codebase that fully complies with the Java EE 5 conformance testing certification requirements. It brings us to the end of a 3+ year marathon of redesigning the most popular open-source application server over a completely new kernel architecture, the JBoss Microcontainer. It also marks the beginning of a new era of innovation for JBoss as we will be exploring the capabilities and limitations of the new architecture in the releases to come. In our view, JBossAS 5 provides a healthy foundation and the most advanced and fully extensible, cross component model, aspect integration, server runtime environment.
For information on the APIs that make up Java EE 5, see Java EE APIs & Docs. A tutorial on Java EE 5 can be found here. Please visit also the JBoss AS docs pages as we'll be updating the documents with the latest information, and post your questions to the JBossAS 5 User Forum.

A sample Java EE 5 application that can be run on top of JBoss 5 and demonstrates many interesting technologies is the Seam Booking Application available here. Check out the JBoss Seam framework pages that link to many interesting topics for combining Seam with JBossAS 5.

    * Highlights
    * Compatibility Issues
    * Configuration Issues
    * Other Issues
    * JBoss/Thirdparty Library Updates
    * Detailed Release Notes
    * Additional Docs and Help
    * Licenses
    * About JBoss

JBoss 5 is the next generation of the JBoss Application Server build on top of the new JBoss Microcontainer. The JBoss Microcontainer is a lightweight container for managing POJOs, their deployment, configuration and lifecycle. It is a standalone project that replaces the famous JBoss JMX Microkernel of the 3.x and 4.x JBoss series. The Microcontainer integrates nicely with the JBoss framework for Aspect Oriented Programming, JBoss AOP. Support for JMX in JBoss 5 remains strong and MBean services written against the old Microkernel are expected to work.

JBoss5 is designed around the advanced concept of a Virtual Deployment Framework (VDF), that takes the aspect oriented design of many of the earlier JBoss containers and applies it to the deployment layer. Aspectized Deployers operate in a chain over a Virtual File System (VFS), analyze deployments and produce metadata to be used by the JBoss Microcontainer, which in turn instantiates and wires together the various pieces of a deployment, controlling their lifecycle and dependencies.

Many key features of JBoss 5 are provided by integrating other standalone JBoss projects:

    * JBoss EJB3 included with JBoss 5 provides the implementation of the latest revision of the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) specification. EJB 3.0 is a deep overhaul and simplification of the EJB specification. EJB 3.0's goals are to simplify development, facilitate a test driven approach, and focus more on writing plain old java objects (POJOs) rather than coding against complex EJB APIs.
    * JBoss Messaging is a high performance JMS provider in the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Stack (JEMS), included with JBoss 5 as the default messaging provider. It is also the backbone of the JBoss ESB infrastructure. JBoss Messaging is a complete rewrite of JBossMQ, which is the default JMS provider for the JBoss AS 4.x series.
    * JBossCache that comes in two flavors. A traditional tree-structured node-based cache and a PojoCache, an in-memory, transactional, and replicated cache system that allows users to operate on simple POJOs transparently without active user management of either replication or persistency aspects.
    * JBossWS is the web services stack for JBoss 5 providing Java EE compatible web services, JAX-WS-2.0.
    * JBoss Transactions is the default transaction manager for JBoss 5. JBoss Transactions is founded on industry proven technology and 18 year history as a leader in distributed transactions, and is one of the most interoperable implementations available.
    * JBoss Web is the Web container in JBoss 5, an implementation based on Apache Tomcat that includes the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) and Tomcat native technologies to achieve scalability and performance characteristics that match and exceed the Apache Http server.

JBoss 5 includes features and bug fixes, many of them carried over upstream from the 4.x codebase. See the Detailed Release Notes section for the full details.

A common theme for JBossAS 5 is the breaking out of internal subsystems into stand-alone projects and the introduction of SPIs throughout the server codebase. Those changes should not affect directly the end user but they are an important part of the JBoss strategy for making available the various EE services as independent projects, so that they can be wired-together and be consumed à la carte inside different runtime environments and not only  inside the JBoss Application Server.

If you are building JBossAS from source you'll notice we are migrating to a maven2 build. At this point the build is a hybrid one because it declares all JBoss dependencies as maven2 artifacts, however after the dependencies are resolved/imported the legacy ant based build is used to compile and build the distribution. This will change to a full maven build at some point in time. The jboss maven repo can be found here. Starting from AS5 CR2, please note how the -sources.jar are also downloaded.
Compatibility Issues
JBossAS 5.0.0.GA can be compiled with both Java5 & Java6. The Java5 compiled binary is our primary/recommended binary distribution. It has undergone rigorous testing and can run under both a Java 5 and a Java 6 runtime. When running under Java 6 you need to manually copy the following libraries from the JBOSS_HOME/client directory to the JBOSS_HOME/lib/endorsed directory, so that the JAX-WS 2.0 apis supported by JBossWS are used:

    * jbossws-native-saaj.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxrpc.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxws.jar
    * jbossws-native-jaxws-ext.jar

The other option is to download the jdk6 distribution (jboss-5.0.0.GA-jdk6.zip) in which case no configuration changes are required. If you still have problems using JBoss with a Sun Java 6 runtime, you may want to set  -Dsun.lang.ClassLoader.allowArraySyntax=true, as described in JBAS-4491. Other potential problems under a Java 6 runtime include:

    * ORB getting prematurely destroyed when using Sun JDK 6 (see Sun Bug ID: 6520484)
    * Unimplemented methods in Hibernate for JDK6 interfaces.
    * When JBossAS 5 is compiled with Java 6, support for the extended JDBC 4 API is included in the binary, however this can only be used under a Java 6 runtime. In this case no manual configuration steps are necessary. It should be noted however that the Java 6 compiled distribution of JBoss AS 5 is still in experimental stage.

Other compatibility issues:

    * JBossMQ has been removed from the distribution and is no longer supported in AS5. JBoss Messaging Service is now the default JMS provider.
    * All the *-beans.xml configuration files have been renamed to *-jboss-beans.xml to avoid conflicts with spring configuration files.
    * For mod_cluster integration you will have to use the workaround described in JBAS-5966 until the tomcat service mbean descriptor is converted to an MC bean descriptor.
    * JBoss VFS provides a set of different switches to control it's internal behavior. JBoss AS sets jboss.vfs.forceCopy=true by default. To see all the provided VFS flags check out the code of the VFSUtils.java class.
    * VFS uses an internal caching mechanism to speed up access to deployment artifacts. This means that files in deploy/ remain open as long as they are accessed and then closed by a reaper thread after a 5 seconds inactivity. On window platforms this may cause locking issues if files are re-deployed too quickly. In this case you may want to turn-off the reaper by specifying the  -Djboss.vfs.forceNoReaper=true property in the command line.
    * Hibernate-core is now using slf4j-api as a logging facade. To properly integrate that in JBossAS we have created an slf4j-to-jboss-logging adapter (slf4j-jboss-logging.jar) that creates a static binding between sl4j and jboss-logging-spi . The jboss-logging default implementation is configured to use log4j. See JBAS-5519.
    * The client/jbossall-client.jar library that used to bundle the majority of jboss client libraries, is now referencing them instead through the Class-Path manifest entry. This allows swapping included libraries (e.g. jboss-javaee.jar) without having to re-package jbossall-client.jar. On the other hand, it requires that you have jbossall-client.jar together with the other client/*.jar libraries, so they can be found. See JBAS-4355.
    * If using proprietary JBoss/EJB3 annotations, those have moved (since Beta4) into the org.jboss.ejb3.annotation package, EJBTHREE-1099. Those are now included in a new artifact, jboss-ejb3-ext-api.jar
    * Interoperating with previous JBoss EJB3 implementations may present problems due to serialVersionUIDs issues, EJBTHREE-1118.
    * Use of JBoss Cache 3.x. has a significantly different API from the 1.x releases used in JBoss AS 4.x and 3.2.x.
    * @EJB injections should now work from servlets, JBAS-5646.
    * The ClassPathExtension MBean has been replaced with a VFS classloader definition, see JBAS-5446.
    * The old JMX-based ServiceBindingManager has been replaced by a POJO-based ServiceBindingManager, see JBAS-5192.
    * The Farm service from 4.x has been removed.
    * JBoss 5 is stricter when it comes to verifying/deploying JavaEE artifacts. EJB3 deployments that run in AS 4.2 may fail in AS5. We have tried to keep the validation messages as accurate as possible in order to help you modify your deployment descriptors/annotations to be in-line with the JavaEE 5 requirements.

Configuration Issues

JBossAS 5.0.0.GA introduces two new configuration, the standard and the web config.

    * The standard config is the configuration that has been tested for JavaEE compliance. The major differences with the existing configurations is that call-by-value and deployment isolation are enabled by default, along with support for rmiiiop and juddi (taken from the all config), as shown below:
          o deployers/ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
          o conf/jboss-service.xml call-by-value for "jboss:service=Naming"
          o conf/jndi.properties
          o conf/jacorb.properties
          o deploy/juddi-service.sar
    * The web config is a new experimental lightweight configuration created around JBoss Web that will follow the developments of the JavaEE 6 web profile. Except for the servlet/jsp container it provides support for JTA/JCA and JPA. It also limits itself to allowing access to the server only through the http port. Please note that this configuration is not JavaEE certified and will most likely change in the following releases.

Another notable change is that the majority of the libraries common to the different configurations have moved to a new shared location, JBOSS_HOME/common/lib/. This is so we avoid having multiple copies of the same libraries in the distribution. The location of the common library directory can be controlled by the following properties:

    * jboss.common.base.url defaulting to ${jboss.home.url}/common
    * jboss.common.lib.url  defaulting to ${jboss.common.base.url}/lib

The common library directory is shared by all the configurations except for the minimal config. It is referenced in the very beginning of every configuration's conf/jboss-service.xml.

You can see that the library directory of the individual configurations is still in place, although in some cases it's empty (e.g. JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib/)

The directory structure of JBoss 5 resembles that of the 4.x series with some notable differences:

    * bin - start scripts and run.jar
    * client - client jars - note how jbossall-client.jar is now referencing the other client jars.
    * common
          o lib
    * docs - docs, schemas/dtds, examples
    * lib - core bootstrap jars, somewhat different with the introduction of the microcontainer and breakup of jboss-common.
    * server - the same server configuration dirs.
          o xyz configuration
                + conf
                      # bootstrap.xml - new mc kernel bootstrap configuration referencing other 
                      # configuration files that contain the beans that setup each individual subsystem.
                            * bootstrap
                                  o vfs.xml - vfs initialization
                                  o classloader.xml
                                  o aop.xml
                                  o jmx.xml - legacy JMX support
                                  o deployers.xml
                                  o bindings.xml (POJO-based ServiceBindingManager & port bindings)
                                  o profile-repository.xml (profile service enabled deployment repository)
                      # jax-ws-catalog.xml - oasis catalog driven schema/dtd namespace configuration
                      # jbossjta-properties.xml - new JBossTS properties
                      # jboss-service.xml - legacy static mbeans for compatibility, somewhat reduced
                      # jndi.properties - the same jndi props
                      # log4j.xml - the same log4j config
                      # login-config.xml - the same jaas login config
                      # props/ - the same default jaas login properties files
                      # standardjaws.xml - obsolete cmp config
                      # standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml - the same cmp2 config
                      # standardjboss.xml - the same ejb2 config
                      # xmdesc/ - legacy xmbean descriptors
                + deploy/ - the same deploy directory.
                      # ...
                      # jca-jboss-beans.xml
                      # hdscanner-jboss-beans.xml - the hot deployment scanner
                      # legacy-invokers-service.xml
                      # profileservice-jboss-beans.xml
                      # remoting-jboss-beans.xml
                      # transaction-jboss-beans.xml
                      # vfs-jboss-beans.xml
                + deployers/ - new vdf deployers
                      # bsh-deployer - beanshell deployer
                      # ejb3.deployer - ejb3 deployers
                      # jboss-aop-jboss5.deployer - aspect deployer
                      # jboss-jca.deployer - JCA deployers
                      # jbossweb.deployer - war deployers
                      # jbossws.deployer - web services deployers
                      # seam.deployer - SEAM deployer
                      # alias-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # clustering-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # dependency-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # directory-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
                      # ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - ear deployers
                      # ejb-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - ejb2.x deployers
                      # hibernate-deployer-jboss-beans.xml
                      # jsr77-deployers-jboss-beans.xml
                      # metadata-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - metadata handlers
                      # security-deployer-jboss-beans.xml - security deployers
                + lib/ - the same static library jars with a few jars, as most have moved to top level common/lib

Various configuration issues:

    * A new jboss.server.log.threshold system property can be used to control the log/server.log threshold. It defaults to DEBUG.
    * Use of the jboss.jgroups.udp.mcast_port property to control easy configuration of multicast port, JBAS-2395
    * Overriding of ra.xml properties in jboss-ra.xml, JBAS-3343
    * Support for defining dependencies in JCA adapters, JBAS-4508
    * Controlling command line arguments for the appClientLauncher, JBAS-5888.
    * Shutdown.sh now accepts a JNDI url, JBAS-5922.
    * DeleteWorkDirOnContextDestroy property for JSP pages, JBAS-5453.
    * The clustering configurations have been organized in the deploy dir in a new cluster subfolder (JBAS-4709).
    * A separate cache is now used for Clustered SSO (JBAS-4676).
    * Per webapp configuration of useJK, snapshot mode and snapshot interval (JBAS-3460). Default for useJK is whether jvmRoute is set (JBAS-4961).
    * Total replication (rather than buddy replication) is the default setting for session replication (JBAS-5085).
    * The transaction manager configuration has moved from conf/jboss-service.xml to deploy/transaction-service.xml (JBAS-5103).
    * The default conf/jboss-log4j.xml configuration now includes the thread name for entries in log/server.log (JBAS-5274).
    * All the security related configuration files are now grouped under the deploy/security directory (JBAS-5318).
    * Loopback is now set to true for all JGroups UDP stacks (JBAS-5323).

EJB3 configuration  is now controlled by deployers/ejb3.deployer/META-INF/ejb3-deployers-jboss-beans.xml. For more details check out this wiki page.

For security related configuration changes, please consult this wiki page.
For clustering related changes, check out the Wiki for more info.
Other Issues

    * Bootstrap time has improved compared to AS5 CR1, but it still somewhat slower when compared to the 4.2.x series, due to the extensive annotation scanning that goes on behind the scenes. There are ways to optimize the annotation scanning, especially for large deployments. Check the JBoss Wiki for more information.

Library Updates
For a full list of the JBoss and thirdparty libraries used with JBoss AS 5.0.0.GA check the pom.xml found in the component-matrix directory of the source code distribution. To see the maven dependency tree you can also do a 'mvn dependency:tree' from the thirdparty directory of the source code distro.

Some rather important used jboss project versions are listed below. You are encouraged to browse the individual project's documentation and view the release notes at www.jboss.org.

    * JBoss Transactions, v4.4.0.GA
    * JBoss WebServices, v3.0.4.GA
    * JBoss Messaging, v1.4.1.GA
    * JBoss Web, v2.1.1.GA
    * JBoss AOP, v2.0.0.SP1
    * JBoss EJB3, v1.0.0-Beta10
    * JBoss Microcontainer, v2.0.2.GA
    * JBoss Security, v2.0.2.SP3
    * Hibernate, v3.3.1.GA
    * Hibernate Entity Manager, v3.4.0.GA
    * Hibernate Annotations, v3.4.0.GA
    * JBoss Cache POJO, v3.0.0.GA
    * JBoss Cache Core, v3.0.1.GA
    * JGroups, v.2.6.7.GA

Detailed Release Notes
Includes versions: JBossAS-5.0.0.GA
Feature Request

    * [ JBAS-70 ] Security event listener that could be plugged in to listen to authentication and authorization events.
    * [ JBAS-3767 ] Create a canonical "JndiServiceMBeanSupport" useful for binding objects to JNDI
    * [ JBAS-3997 ] getManagedConnection retries
    * [ JBAS-4588 ] DeploymentSorter in the new profile service based deployment scanner
    * [ JBAS-5192 ] ServiceBindingManager that can handle pojo services
    * [ JBAS-5348 ] Move remoting configuration into deploy
    * [ JBAS-5535 ] Modularisation of the JBoss Bootstrap
    * [ JBAS-5545 ] Implement the jsr77 view on top of the new deployers/profileservice/mc
    * [ JBAS-5766 ] Add new aop deployers
    * [ JBAS-5900 ] jars are not loaded from the lib directory of a sar in JBoss AS 5
    * [ JBAS-5960 ] EJB2: Lack of security domain in JBoss DD does not bypass security
    * [ JBAS-5966 ] Migrate TomcatService mbean deployment descriptor to mc bean descriptor
    * [ JBAS-5974 ] Turn of deployment of base-aspects.xml by default
    * [ JBAS-5975 ] Switch to MC based AOP deployers
    * [ JBAS-5989 ] Security Beans need ManagedObject annotations
    * [ JBAS-5998 ] Add resources filtering to MetaDataAwareProfile
    * [ JBAS-6013 ] Support createDestination in jboss/message-driven
    * [ JBAS-6032 ] Refactor AOPClassLoaderDeployer
    * [ JBAS-6058 ] Web descriptors parsing
    * [ JBAS-6070 ] Need an overview of the profile service in the 5.0 docs
    * [ JBAS-6088 ] Add simple cache / cluster support for Spring beans
    * [ JBAS-6099 ] add alternate, not meta data based JSF injection provider
    * [ JBAS-6130 ] AS5:JACC: * in web.xml should allow configurable authorization bypass
    * [ JBAS-6136 ] Pojoize the jca configuration
    * [ JBAS-6158 ] Reduce the distribution size by sharing the libraries between the all and default configs
    * [ JBAS-6182 ] Add support for JBC MVCC locking in Hibernate 2nd Level Cache configs
    * [ JBAS-6205 ] Make server.log logging level configurable via system property
    * [ JBAS-6223 ] Externalize the DeploymentRepository attachments location
    * [ JBAS-6267 ] Introduce SecurityContextInterceptor in the ejb2 proxy


    * [ JBAS-2149 ] ByValueContainerInvoker
    * [ JBAS-5081 ] New transaction manager does not implement TransactionTimeoutConfiguration properly
    * [ JBAS-5114 ] MessageDriven EJB3 does not create destination automatically
    * [ JBAS-5115 ] Valid jboss-app.xml file not recognized correctly by jbossxb runtime
    * [ JBAS-5209 ] Hot deployment scanner deploys files which were expected to be filtered
    * [ JBAS-5301 ] JaasSecurityManagerService.startService - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: handler exists
    * [ JBAS-5412 ] BaseLocalProxyFactory should not check for explicit security context
    * [ JBAS-5689 ] Not seeing bootstrap ManagedDeployment/ManagedComponents
    * [ JBAS-5732 ] Deployment of @WebService fails
    * [ JBAS-5767 ] Security schemas
    * [ JBAS-5895 ] OptAnnotationMetaDataDeployer is processing too many classes
    * [ JBAS-5942 ] Session replication with passivation causes inconsistent session data
    * [ JBAS-5943 ] JRMPInvokerProxyHA should not failover if PooledInvokerProxy.invoke() throws java.rmi.ConnectException with cause of java.io.EOFException
    * [ JBAS-5951 ] ProfileService unit tests are not validating persistence of updates
    * [ JBAS-5964 ] NPE in expiration of passivated sessions
    * [ JBAS-5968 ] NullPointerException in WebServiceDeployerEJB
    * [ JBAS-5978 ] Mask password logging in ServiceConfigurator
    * [ JBAS-5979 ] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/aop/pointcut/ast/PointcutExpressionParserVisitor in EJB client
    * [ JBAS-5999 ] EJBTimerServiceImpl timerServiceMap access should be synchronized
    * [ JBAS-6002 ] NPE for JSF managed beans.
    * [ JBAS-6007 ] Wrong bean name when EJB is not deployed within an ear
    * [ JBAS-6017 ] JRMPProxyFactory should rebind the proxy in JNDI rather than just bind it
    * [ JBAS-6028 ] Bootstrap dependencies failure of ejb3 session beans
    * [ JBAS-6040 ] Ensure correct TCCL is set before accessing clustered web session cache
    * [ JBAS-6041 ] let the web metadata override a default context-param
    * [ JBAS-6044 ] JMX console invokeOp confused ObjectName encoding
    * [ JBAS-6056 ] UserTransaction cannot be deployed as clustered proxy and sticky transactions randomly work
    * [ JBAS-6060 ] Tolerate security domain convention in JBoss DD
    * [ JBAS-6062 ] Exploded WAR archive with no web.xml is no longer supported
    * [ JBAS-6067 ] XACML policy is not removed when deployment unit is undeployed
    * [ JBAS-6068 ] Mask passwords in the Deployers
    * [ JBAS-6077 ] seam-int: hot-redeploys occur constantly on JBoss 5 trunk
    * [ JBAS-6076 ] Seam war not using jboss-seam-int
    * [ JBAS-6093 ] Exposing the EMF in JNDI via jboss.entity.manager.factory.jndi.name doesn't work in JBoss 5.0.0.CR2
    * [ JBAS-6098 ] juddi-service.sar bundles juddi.jar & scout.jar
    * [ JBAS-6107 ] Seam hibernate and jpa examples throw ZipExceptions during deployment - but the jars are valid
    * [ JBAS-6110 ] Tomcat status in the web-console missing logo
    * [ JBAS-6111 ] Ensure hibernate.cache.region_prefix is specified by PersistenceUnitDeployment
    * [ JBAS-6116 ] UserTransaction.commit()/rollback() are not fully compliant with the JTA standard
    * [ JBAS-6117 ] IOException in VFS while undeploying a Seam example
    * [ JBAS-6131 ] EJB1.1 isCallerInRole must throw RTE if role is not found in deployment descriptor
    * [ JBAS-6135 ] Concurrent connection of HAPartition channels fails
    * [ JBAS-6147 ] Profile.getModifiedDeployments() does not ignore .bak file
    * [ JBAS-6149 ] connectionMap.remove in WrapperDatasourceService never called
    * [ JBAS-6153 ] Transaction sticky target not available should be thrown as ServiceUnavailableException
    * [ JBAS-6161 ] Two ears with a same named jar fails to deploy
    * [ JBAS-6162 ] Error logged when attempting to passivate invalidated session
    * [ JBAS-6165 ] NPE in TransactionScopedEntityManager
    * [ JBAS-6174 ] shutdown.jar is missing classes
    * [ JBAS-6176 ] appclient doesn't declare a dependency on persistence unit
    * [ JBAS-6177 ] Error on jchannel.getState() right after connect (even with flush)
    * [ JBAS-6181 ] cannot secure jmx invoker service
    * [ JBAS-6193 ] JBossCacheManager leaks ReplicationStatistics.TimeStatistic
    * [ JBAS-6194 ] Move transaction sticky logic in proxy to interceptors to avoid bottleneck
    * [ JBAS-6206 ] JBossManager sets invalid session cookie after failover
    * [ JBAS-6207 ] update jts install for new lib layout
    * [ JBAS-6209 ] DelegatingClassloader is trying to get the parent in an unprivileged block
    * [ JBAS-6214 ] Default port bindings overriding (bindings.xml) doesn't work.
    * [ JBAS-6224 ] SecurityContextEstablishmentValve is making expensive loadClass calls
    * [ JBAS-6229 ] Resolving of relative persistence units doesn't work
    * [ JBAS-6231 ] jboss.messaging.jar (server) on /client
    * [ JBAS-6239 ] Regression on run-as in a MDB
    * [ JBAS-6241 ] EJB TIMERS Table Creation Fails When Oracle Schema Specified
    * [ JBAS-6243 ] EJB2: Reintroduce explicit run as check before authentication
    * [ JBAS-6252 ] Messaging release is missing connection-factories-service.xml
    * [ JBAS-6256 ] NPE during undeployment of test artifact /bundled-myfaces-hellojsf.war
    * [ JBAS-6275 ] Fix *both* 4.2.x & 5.0.x compatibility matrix tests


    * [ JBAS-2563 ] Cleanup the build for jboss5
    * [ JBAS-3916 ] Update source code headers.
    * [ JBAS-4370 ] SecurityDeployer: XACML/acl Policy Registration
    * [ JBAS-4814 ] Refactor the conf/jboss-service.xml services
    * [ JBAS-4967 ] Extract setting of default clustering JBossWebMetaData from TomcatDeployer
    * [ JBAS-5078 ] Validate SRP Configuration
    * [ JBAS-5234 ] Include the Windows Service Runner binary (jbossvc.exe) in the distro
    * [ JBAS-5358 ] Move remote access to profile service into deploy
    * [ JBAS-5677 ] Add discussion of usage of FC to Clustering Guide
    * [ JBAS-5778 ] Improve HttpSessionListener handling in clustered environment
    * [ JBAS-5794 ] Administration and configuration guide
    * [ JBAS-5795 ] Administration and configuration guide
    * [ JBAS-5872 ] Update org.jboss.test.compatibility.test.SerialVersionUIDUnitTestCase
    * [ JBAS-5873 ] Create JBoss-AS-5.0.x-CompatibilityMatrix test run based on the 4.2.x one
    * [ JBAS-5883 ] Unify name usage in ProfileService
    * [ JBAS-5908 ] ClientUserTransactionObjectFactory is inefficient
    * [ JBAS-5930 ] Investigate ENC issues to obtain JBoss Security Manager in the web layer
    * [ JBAS-5945 ] Make JBossCacheClusteredSession.initAfterLoad() part of an override of update()
    * [ JBAS-5958 ] Fix any remaining testsuite failures
    * [ JBAS-5963 ] ClientUserTransaction should log cause exceptions
    * [ JBAS-5977 ] FIXME the HackClassloaderMetaDataDeployer boot WARN
    * [ JBAS-5988 ] AS5 Codebase Privileged Blocks
    * [ JBAS-5994 ] Switch to repository based ProfileService as the default
    * [ JBAS-6023 ] Inject Naming instance into DetachedHANamingService
    * [ JBAS-6030 ] Uncomment @JMX annotation in deployers.xml to enable JMX management of DeployersImpl
    * [ JBAS-6039 ] Change JGroups thread pool rejection policy to 'Discard'
    * [ JBAS-6064 ] JSR-196 integration for web layer
    * [ JBAS-6080 ] On Linux, HA-JNDI to pass SocketAddress to MulticastSocket constructor
    * [ JBAS-6081 ] Remove TUNNEL config
    * [ JBAS-6084 ] Reduce Logging Visibility when setting DefaultJndiBindingPolicy (when not explicitly specified)
    * [ JBAS-6087 ] Reduce the excessive logging
    * [ JBAS-6090 ] Convert legacy clustered services to pojo configuration
    * [ JBAS-6091 ] Allow JRMPInvoker to work as an MC bean
    * [ JBAS-6103 ] Review the 'minimal' config
    * [ JBAS-6105 ] Improve start-up time
    * [ JBAS-6109 ] ClusteredSession should not subclass StandardSession
    * [ JBAS-6129 ] Missing licenses
    * [ JBAS-6132 ] Revert to AS 4 behavior of handling distributable webapps in default config
    * [ JBAS-6143 ] Remove legacy persistence unit resolving functions from appclient and tomcat
    * [ JBAS-6148 ] Port metadata awareness to the repository profileservice
    * [ JBAS-6154 ] Verify JAXB version for 5.0.0.GA release
    * [ JBAS-6159 ] Make an integration abstraction for the UserTransactionListener and CachedConnectionManager
    * [ JBAS-6160 ] Component Update to jboss-ejb3-as-int
    * [ JBAS-6163 ] JACC: Look at the cmp2-audit.jar for security domain
    * [ JBAS-6169 ] Make "bootstrap" module reusable
    * [ JBAS-6170 ] Update package names moved from "main" to "bootstrap"
    * [ JBAS-6172 ] org.jboss.system.server.Server should be JVM-agnostic
    * [ JBAS-6183 ] ATTRIBUTE granularity clustered session should store attribute in same JBC node as metadata
    * [ JBAS-6184 ] Eliminate a JBC Fqn level in clustered session caching
    * [ JBAS-6186 ] Use JBossWebMetaData to drive DistributedCacheManagerFactory
    * [ JBAS-6189 ] Add plain reports to the test target
    * [ JBAS-6201 ] Eliminate injection of DistributedReplicantManagerImpl into ClusterPartition
    * [ JBAS-6237 ] Remove the old JMX kernel's dependency on the Deployment layer
    * [ JBAS-6238 ] Remove JBossMQ from the 5.0.0 branch
    * [ JBAS-6249 ] Pick a different port for the JBM Data channel's MPING
    * [ JBAS-6254 ] Provide an implementation for ejb3 CachedConnectionManager SPI
    * [ JBAS-6261 ] Rename cluster-jboss-beans.xml to hapartition-jboss-beans.xml
    * [ JBAS-6263 ] Use Microcontainer to build JBC configs
    * [ JBAS-6271 ] Create a 'standard' config out of the 'cts' one.
    * [ JBAS-6273 ] Create release notes for AS 5.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6279 ] Remove assumption about who master is from HA Singleton test cases
    * [ JBAS-6280 ] Refresh the communit docs


    * [ JBAS-3858 ] Update jbossweb-cluster.aop to match the current configuration
    * [ JBAS-5349 ] Test bootstrap dependencies
    * [ JBAS-5370 ] Deploy an ear/war app through ProfileService
    * [ JBAS-5856 ] SBM-compatible JBM remoting connector config
    * [ JBAS-5858 ] Add @JMX annotation to ServiceBindingManager
    * [ JBAS-5953 ] JBoss-AS-5.0.x-TestSuite-sun16-sun16 - org.jboss.test.jmx.test.UndeployBrokenPackageUnitTestCase
    * [ JBAS-5969 ] Remove dependency of AOP on VFSDeploymentUnit
    * [ JBAS-5970 ] Remove dependency of AOP on ServiceMBeanSupport
    * [ JBAS-5984 ] Make names unique in jbossweb-cluster.aop/META-INF/jboss-aop.xml
    * [ JBAS-5985 ] Make the switch in aop.xml and deployers.xml
    * [ JBAS-5986 ] Remove jboss-aop.xml from the deployment for aop.AnnotatedTestCase and aop.ScopedAnnotatedTestCase
    * [ JBAS-5987 ] Add new tests for scoped aspects with dependencies
    * [ JBAS-5996 ] Move TomcatDeployer.securityManagerService injection out of the deployer
    * [ JBAS-5997 ] iiop-service.xml is missing naming service dependencies
    * [ JBAS-6036 ] Add tests for restart of server to validate profileservice overrides are applied
    * [ JBAS-6037 ] Restore ProfileService attachments persistence
    * [ JBAS-6042 ] Remove the user of LoaderRepositoryConfig as an attachment
    * [ JBAS-6055 ] Use the enforcer plugin to avoid bringing in duplicate/wrong dependencies
    * [ JBAS-6082 ] JUDDIService.setBindJaxr cannot attempt to bind into jndi
    * [ JBAS-6083 ] HAPartitionCacheHandler.cache injection is broken
    * [ JBAS-6096 ] Upgrade ha-server-cache-jbc
    * [ JBAS-6121 ] Upgrate JAXR to 1.2.1.GA
    * [ JBAS-6124 ] regression - org.jboss.test.jcaprops.test.*
    * [ JBAS-6125 ] regression - org.jboss.test.deployers.seam.test.SeamVFSClassloadingUnitTestCase
    * [ JBAS-6139 ] Create a hudson job that builds using a clean local maven repo.
    * [ JBAS-6141 ] Upgrade to jboss-server-manager 1.0.0.GA and jboss-test 1.1.3.GA
    * [ JBAS-6146 ] JBoss-AS-5.0.x-TestSuite-jrockit16-jrockit16 - server all fails to shutdown
    * [ JBAS-6151 ] Upgrade JBossXACML dependency to 2.0.2.SP1
    * [ JBAS-6166 ] regression - org.jboss.test.security.test.authorization.XACMLEJBIntegrationUnitTestCase
    * [ JBAS-6167 ] Restore the ServerInfo bean/mbean
    * [ JBAS-6168 ] Modify the Bootstrap spi to pass the kernel deployments loaded by the Server bootstrap
    * [ JBAS-6178 ] JBoss-AS-5.0.x-CompatibilityMatrix Failures
    * [ JBAS-6187 ] Break out profileservice spi from jboss-system.jar
    * [ JBAS-6190 ] repository based ProfileService hot deployment is not working
    * [ JBAS-6191 ] VFS URL Handler Stubs for JDK PolicyFile implementation to read vfs entries
    * [ JBAS-6198 ] Javadoc for ManagedOperation.invoke() says it will return a MetaValue, but it's returning unwrapped Objects
    * [ JBAS-6199 ] break out profileservice spis as a separate project
    * [ JBAS-6203 ] "config-property" property on Local Datasource managed component returns incorrect MetaType
    * [ JBAS-6210 ] common core to 2.2.10.GA
    * [ JBAS-6211 ] jboss integration to 5.0.2.GA
    * [ JBAS-6215 ] when creating a new Datasource via managementView.applyTemplate(), if the "metadata" CompositeValue property contains no items or a null-valued item, the ds.xml file is written with an empty "metadata" element, which causes the deployer to complain
    * [ JBAS-6216 ] ManagementView.getComponentsForType(type) returns null, rather than an empty Set, if no Components of the specified type are deployed
    * [ JBAS-6217 ] JBossWebRealm->enableAuditFlag should be false by default
    * [ JBAS-6234 ] ManagedProperty contains certain metadata that is not contained in MetaType
    * [ JBAS-6245 ] org.jboss.test.asynch.AsynchTestCase
    * [ JBAS-6246 ] org.jboss.test.web.test.JSFIntegrationUnitTestCase
    * [ JBAS-6247 ] org.jboss.test.xml.DDValidatorUnitTestCase
    * [ JBAS-6248 ] org.jboss.test.profileservice.override.test.JmsDestinationOverrideTestCase
    * [ JBAS-6251 ] 15 failures in JBossWS-3.0.4.GA-testsuite-AS5.0.x
    * [ JBAS-6253 ] Management interface for HAPartition and DRM
    * [ JBAS-6255 ] 8 test-aop-scoped failures
    * [ JBAS-6269 ] regression - org.jboss.test.refs.test.ResourceResolutionUnitTestCase.testClientORBResources
    * [ JBAS-6270 ] ManagementView.getDeploymentNames does not show the bootstrap deployment names

Thirdparty Change

    * [ JBAS-5597 ] Track jboss and thirdparty dependencies upgrades for JBoss 5.0.0.GA

Component Upgrade

    * [ JBAS-5382 ] Upgrade PojoCache to 3.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-5894 ] Upgrade jboss AOP to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-5919 ] Upgrade jboss transactions to 4.4.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-5927 ] Upgrade jboss-integration spis to 5.0.1.GA
    * [ JBAS-6004 ] Upgrade jbossws to 3.0.4.GA
    * [ JBAS-6015 ] Upgrade seam-integration to 5.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6016 ] Upgrade JBossWeb to 2.1.1.GA
    * [ JBAS-6018 ] Upgrade jboss-javaee apis to 5.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6019 ] Upgrade JBoss Aspects to their final version
    * [ JBAS-6021 ] Upgrade jboss-security to 2.0.2.SP3
    * [ JBAS-6022 ] Upgrade jboss vfs to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6024 ] Upgrade jbossxb to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6025 ] Upgrade to jnp-client/server 5.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6026 ] Upgrade jboss-messaging to 1.4.1.GA
    * [ JBAS-6045 ] Upgrade jboss-microcontainer to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6046 ] Upgrade jboss-managed/metatype to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6048 ] Upgrade jboss-deployers to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6049 ] Upgrade jboss-reflect to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6050 ] Upgrade jboss-mdr to 2.0.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6051 ] Upgrade jboss-classloading to 2.0.1.GA
    * [ JBAS-6053 ] Upgrade jboss-jaxbintros to a final release
    * [ JBAS-6063 ] Upgrade javassist to 3.9.0.GA
    * [ JBAS-6065 ] Upgrade jgroups
    * [ JBAS-6079 ] Upgrade JBoss Cache to 3.0.1.GA
    * [ JBAS-6100 ] JBoss Remoting update needed
    * [ JBAS-6233 ] Upgrade jboss-reflect to 2.0.1.GA

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