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Sat Feb 2 04:06:11 EST 2008

JBossRemoting 2.4.0.Beta1 is now available.  It includes a number of improvements over Remoting 2.2.x; e.g.:

  * Support for server configuration by microcontainer injection
  * Support for multihome servers
  * Better support for IPv6 addresses
  * Improvements in the socket transport
  * Improved connection monitoring
  * Server gets client address in invocations
  * Multiple bug fixes
Remoting 2.4.0 is meant to be compatible with Remoting 2.2.x, in the sense that you should be able to replace an old jar with a new jar and experience no disruptions.  Many of the changes are internal improvements which have no impact on the API.  There are new features which involve additional configuration options, new methods, and new classes, but existing functionality should remain intact.

The new jboss-remoting.jar can be found in the repository: http://repository.jboss.com/jboss/remoting/2.4.0.Beta1
The distribution with source can be found at: http://labs.jboss.com/jbossremoting/downloads/
Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.4.0.Beta1 (Pinto)

** Bug
    * [JBREM-166] - JMXConnectorServer will not start if using rmi invoker elsewhere
    * [JBREM-645] - Need to cleanup locatorURI parsing
    * [JBREM-675] - Problems with Servlet invoker
    * [JBREM-717] - servlet invoker illegal state exception not serializable
    * [JBREM-731] - Address of secondary server socket should be acquired each time a control connection is created.
    * [JBREM-743] - For polling callback handler, org.jboss.remoting.Client.addListener() should create only one CallbackPoller per InvokerCallbackHandler
    * [JBREM-745] - client unable to send if server recycles
    * [JBREM-747] - org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector should unregister server invoker from MBeanServer
    * [JBREM-752] - SSLSocket runs into BindException
    * [JBREM-754] - Reset timeout on each use of HttpURLConnection
    * [JBREM-766] - Guard against "spurious wakeup" from Thread.sleep()
    * [JBREM-769] - Sucky error message when identity creation fails
    * [JBREM-771] - MicroSocketClientInvoker can experience socket leaks
    * [JBREM-772] - MicroRemoteClientInvoker.establishLease() creates two LeasePinger TimerTasks
    * [JBREM-774] - BisocketClientInvoker.replaceControlSocket() and handleDisconnect() should close control socket
    * [JBREM-775] - MicroSocketClientInvoker.initPool() should omit pool from log message
    * [JBREM-778] - BisocketServerInvoker.start() creates a new static Timer each time
    * [JBREM-779] - BisocketClientInvoker should guard agains scheduling on an expired Timer, part 2
    * [JBREM-784] - Use separate maps for control sockets and ordinary sockets in BisocketClientInvoker
    * [JBREM-785] - BisocketClientInvoker.transport() inadvertently uses listenerId member variable
    * [JBREM-786] - stale sockets can be gotten from pool even with current rety logic
    * [JBREM-787] - Move network i/o in BisocketClientInvoker constructor to handleConnect()
    * [JBREM-788] - Access to BisocketClientInvoker static maps should be synchronized in handleDisconnect()
    * [JBREM-790] - NPE in BisocketClientInvoker$PingTimerTask
    * [JBREM-793] - Lease should synchronize access to client map
    * [JBREM-794] - LeasePinger.addClient() should not create a new LeaseTimerTask if none currently exists
    * [JBREM-806] - In HTTPClientInvoker remove newlines and carriage returns from Base64 encoded user names and passwords
    * [JBREM-811] - Privileged Block to create Class Loader
    * [JBREM-813] - ServletServerInvoker should return an exception instead of just an error message
    * [JBREM-820] - Fix race in ServerInvokerCallbackHandler.handleCallback()
    * [JBREM-821] - JBoss Remoting fails under load
    * [JBREM-822] - Avoid deadlock when Connector shuts down while callback client invoker is in handleConnect()
    * [JBREM-838] - allow user to set content-type for http responses (part 2: ServletServerInvoker)
    * [JBREM-843] - MicroSocketClientInvoker can miscount number of active sockets
    * [JBREM-846] - Fix race in JNIDDetector
    * [JBREM-851] - In LeasePinger and TimerUtil replace Timer if it has shut down
    * [JBREM-853] - ServletServerInvoker should not put null URL path in metadata map
    * [JBREM-863] - CLONE -Infinite loop in BisocketClientInvoker.createSocket [JBREM-845]
    * [JBREM-866] - CLONE -Eliminate delay in MicroSocketClientInvoker.getConnection() [JBREM-860]
    * [JBREM-870] - CLONE -MaxPoolSize value should be used in key to MicroSocketClientInvoker.connectionPools [JBREM-858]
    * [JBREM-874] - CLONE -HTTP Client invoker doesn't throw exceptions when using the sslservlet protocol [JBREM-871]
    * [JBREM-887] - ServerInvokerrCallbackHandler.createCallbackErrorHandler() inadvertently references callbackStore
    * [JBREM-888] - Client side connection exception is not thrown on the client side when the lease times out
    * [JBREM-890] - Fix thread pool eviction in socket transport
    * [JBREM-895] - MicroSocketClientInvoker.transport() must check for timeout after invocation attempt.

** Feature Request
    * [JBREM-298] - Need ability to add transport specific info to invocation payload
    * [JBREM-480] - Insure reliable tests in socket invoker for unusable socket connections.
    * [JBREM-643] - configuration for multi-homed server invokers
    * [JBREM-701] - add timeout config per client invocation for transports not descended from socket transport
    * [JBREM-728] - Improve access to HTTP response headers
    * [JBREM-746] - need to be able to tell ServerInvokerServlet to use the platform MBean server
    * [JBREM-749] - BisocketServerInvoker: Make configurable the address and port of secondary server socket
    * [JBREM-755] - Make ConnectorValidator parameters configurable
    * [JBREM-756] - CallbackPoller should shut down if too many errors occur.
    * [JBREM-758] - Associate remote socket address with the invocation
    * [JBREM-765] - Add a separate timeout parameter for callback clients
    * [JBREM-792] - Provide to the client local address of a TCP/IP connection, as seen from the server
    * [JBREM-797] - BisocketClientInvoker.PingTimerTask should terminate more gracefully
    * [JBREM-798] - Implement quick Client.removeListener() for polled callbacks, part 2
    * [JBREM-799] - Add a separate timeout parameter for callback clients, part 2
    * [JBREM-804] - Enable HTTPClientInvoker to accept NO_THROW_ON_ERROR configuration by way of InvokerLocator
    * [JBREM-868] - CLONE -Update build.xml to allow jdk 1.5 compiler to target JVM version 1.4 (JBREM-855)
    * [JBREM-875] - CLONE -Have ServerInvokerCallbackHandler register as connection listener [JBREM-873]
    * [JBREM-891] - ConnectionValidator should report if lease has expired

** Patch
    * [JBREM-781] - Socket transport needs to provide to the client local address of a TCP/IP connection, as seen from the server

** Release
    * [JBREM-801] - Release 2.4.0.Beta1

** Task
    * [JBREM-63] - Get rid of the legacy configuration that embeds xml parsing
    * [JBREM-557] - need to include all the transports within the tests.versioning ant target
    * [JBREM-641] - re-implement the callback polling for http transport to reduce latency
    * [JBREM-687] - allow binding to
    * [JBREM-706] - In socket transport, prevent client side oneway invocations from artificially reducing concurrency
    * [JBREM-710] - Correct occasional failures of org.jboss.test.remoting.transport.socket.load.SocketLoadTestCase
    * [JBREM-713] - Check if jbossweb can replace tomcat jars for the http server invoker
    * [JBREM-715] - Don't log error for exception thrown by application in org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread.
    * [JBREM-730] - JNDIDetector should use rebind() instead of bind() to add new local detection messages
    * [JBREM-733] - When org.jboss.remoting.Client.addListener() creates a Connector, it should pass in InvokerLocator parameters with configuration map.
    * [JBREM-735] - BisocketClientInvoker.PingTimerTask should try multiple times to send ping.
    * [JBREM-760] - Change port for shutdown tests.
    * [JBREM-767] - Avoid deadlock in callback BisocketClientInvoker when timeout == 0
    * [JBREM-768] - Fix ShutdownTestCase failures
    * [JBREM-777] - Add quiet="true" in clean task of build.xml
    * [JBREM-782] - Remove network i/o from synch block in ServerInvokerCallbackHandler.getCallbackHandler()
    * [JBREM-783] - Remove network i/o from synch blocks that establish and terminate LeasePingers
    * [JBREM-800] - Adjust timout values to avoid cruisecontrol failures
    * [JBREM-807] - Fix failing org.jboss.test.remoting.transport..shutdown tests

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