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dlmiles do-not-reply at jboss.com
Sat Mar 1 20:20:13 EST 2008

"alesj" wrote : "dlmiles" wrote : 
  |   | Surely there is some other qualifying requirement too.  For example the *.deployer file name as well as requiring a META-INF/spring-deployers-beans.xml with  outer element ?
  |   | 
  | The file has to be in metadata path, recognized by StructureDeployers.
  | I don't know what you mean by *.deployers file name and requiring spring-deployers-beans.xml.
  | To require exact outer element, it means it would always have to parse the file, to see what is the first element.
  | I think the name + suffix are good enough to distinct deployment types.
  | And with the new aspectized deployers, it's easy to swap out the behavior / add additional constraints.

The point I was getting at, is that no deployer should mindlessly attempt to deploy all files it finds at any nesting depth ending in *-beans.xml.  This is mindless madness.

But I would be happy for it to have a look at all files and then attempt to parse the file as a JBoss specific deployment descriptor.  Now during this process it should immediately see that my file has an XML Schema that belongs to Spring Framework.  Upon seeing this the deployer should stop considering that file as a JBoss deployment descriptor and no exception should be thrown.

This is the point of having XSDs to ensure an application that is not meant to process some data, does not attempt to process it!

The JBoss deployer does not own all the files ending in *-beans.xml that the JBoss VFS can find, it only own those files that also match the DTD/XSD schemes that JBoss understands.

Of course it has to parse the file, its bl**dy well doing that now is not it!  The error I reported is due to a deployment failure because the contents of the XML appeared to be garbage to the MBean deployer when it attempted deployment.

Renaming my file in my WAR from /WEB-INF/spring-beans.xml to /WEB-INF/spring-context.xml did the trick.

"dlmiles" wrote : I'm pretty sure this has been fixed in the Servlet web.xml DTD/XSD for a few years now, don't you just love validating parsers.  Yes the plus character "+" is valid in a MIME type.

I have researched this issue and Tomcat 5.5.x has an updated web-app_2_4.xsd  in servlet-api.jar but Tomcat 6.0.14 (the version I checked and the version shipped with JBoss AS 5.0.x) has not been updated.  The Bugzilla ticket is at https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=44517 "web-app_2_4.xsd not up-to-date in TC6 servlet-api.jar"

For now I shall manually fix servlet-api.jar!javax/servlet/resources/web-app_2_4.xsd in my JBoss installation.

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