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"Detection failure delay for JMS bisocket connection"

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Hi Amar,

Remoting detects an apparent network problem by sending pings from the client to the server and waiting for a reply.  If the reply doesn't arrive within the configured time frame, Remoting informs JBossMessaging.  The relevant configuration parameters are

> +               <attribute name="validatorPingPeriod" isParam="true">60000</attribute>
>                <attribute name="validatorPingTimeout" isParam="true">30000</attribute>+

"validatorPingPeriod" determines how often the ping is sent, and "validatorPingTimeout" determines the window within which the response must arrive.  So the ping could get sent anywhere from 0 to 60 seconds after the plug is pulled, and the problem detected anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds after the plug is pulled.  So, I can explain why the problem detection could take up to 90 seconds.  I can't explain how it could happen within 5 seconds, unless some other problem had prevented the server from sending a response to a ping that had already been sent, say 25 seconds before you pulled the plug.  Just a stab in the dark.



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