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"Which Library for 4.2.3.GA"

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Hi BJ.

> What should I be using?  

I always recommend using the latest combination of Remoting and JBossMessaging jars, because we've fixed quite a few issues over time.  The 2.2.2.x generation of Remoting releases evolved into the 2.2.3 releases, the newest of which is 2.2.3.SP1.  Actually, version 2.2.3.SP2 is tagged, but I haven't uploaded it to the download site yet.  I believe the appropriate version of JBossMessaging is 1.4.0.SP3_CP10, but I don't see it on the JBM download page.   Of course, the beauty of open source is that you can build the jars yourself.

> How does one install this in 4.2.3 ?  Is it simply (he asks hopefully) a matter of replacing the jars in the library?

It is indeed.  The server uses jboss-remoting.jar from the $JBOSS_HOME/server/$CONFIG/lib.  Also, the jars in the $JBOSS_HOME/client directory are intended for use by clients, so you should update jboss-remoting.jar in that directory as well.

> found the jar, looked in the Manifest

jboss-remoting.jar has the property that if you type

     java -jar jboss-remoting.jar

it will print the version.



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