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"HornetQ Resource Adapter and DLQ handling"

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Theres currently an issue with DLQ handling in the HornetQ resource Adapter. Basically we ignore the DLQ settings in the Activation spec. These were only added because there is some code that calls these and sets these with defaults, but basically they are no ops.

The problem is that these methods dont really make sense in a HornetQ context, for instance one seting is for the providers JNDI, but in our RA code we dont use JNDI at all, this is so our RA will work with any container. Also we dont have the notion of a DLQ we have a dead letter address which could have n queues bound to it.

As far as I can see there are the following solutions.

1. We change the activation spec to have HornetQ specific settings. This means however that apps being migrated will have to be ported.

2. We keep the same spec and handle this at th ejb3 layer.

3. We keep the same spec but change our RA to somehow handle this, altho it would be a huge hack and we dont really want to do this.

thoughts guys, any other possible solutions.

P.S Jaikirin is looking in the ejb3 code to see where these defaults are set as this would need changing too


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