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"About differences between jPDL editors jBPM  3.2.6 and 4.3"

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Hello Huisheng

Thanks again for your time and reply, and sorry for my delay.

> e.g. if you enter the name of activity in property panel,  the text will be turn to reverse.
Not good

> So if you want to use GPD to design process definition on jBPM 4 there are still something having to edit source xml by hand.
Please clear my doubt, your experience is valuable, OK, GPD is not 100% functional, therefore seems that I must do all by hand (*source*), well I think that design with the graphical editor and then complete the rest with the *source* is not critical in a good sense, but tell me, perhaps you had this experience, what happen if by source I create a *super-state* and then return to the graphical editor? I mean by hand edit some things or configurations not supported get by the graphical editor.

>  At this moment, we are using jBPM 4.3. And of course we make some extension on jBPM 4 for our requirements.
How you handle this situation?, I mean backward cases, +*source to graphic*+

My Best Regards



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