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"JBREFLECT-5 - Implementing generics in JavassistClassInfo"

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> Kabir Khan wrote:
> Removing the cache for parameterized types largely works, although I need to fix some StackOverflowErrors when using recursive bound type variables such as
> *public* *class* ClassInfoTypeVariableRecursiveBounded<T *extends* ClassInfoTypeVariableRecursiveBounded<T>>
> {
> *public* T genericTypeVariableRecursiveBounded(T param, String s)
>    {
> *return* *null*;
>    }
> }
This has been fixed. I needed to add this method to ClassInfo
    * Gets the type variable if we are a parameterized type which is part of a 
    * parameterized type and there is a type variable for this type. This is
    * useful in avoiding infinite recursion
    * @return the type variable
   String getTypeVariable();



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