[jboss-user] [jBPM] - How to handle failed processes/states due to server crashes?

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"How to handle failed processes/states due to server crashes?"

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> Correct me I am wrong: Will jBPM4 pick up the processes waiting for a signal if it (jBPM) is embedded in my application only as a lib rather than installed as a service on JBoss. If thats the case then once my spring-jbpm context gets loaded on application start up, jBPM should pick up all the nodes and wait for a signal. 
that's correct the state of your processes is persisted in the database and preserved between reboots, and that should work weather you use the jBoss Service or not, when you signal jBPM looks up the database for your process instance and wait state...
> theory in devguide doesn't provide much explanation of retry interceptor. I mean how to configure, what inputs it will need and such thing. Do we have any example available for retry-interceptor.
i guess you assume the retry-interceptor is more than it actually is, it's  just a try/catch and checks for StaleStateException, you can configure retries, delay and delay-factor, check the sourcecode I haven't seen it's config options documented somewhere


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