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"Remoting - "replacing control socket"  Question"

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H Vidhya,

> vidhya Baskaran wrote:
>  shouldn't these remoting threads be cleaned up on the server since the client is not using these threads anymore and have started using the new ones ? In my case the currentPoolSize never decreased.

Not necessarily.  currentPoolSize represents the number of threads currently either (1) actively executing an invocation, or (2) sitting in a read() waiting for the next invocation.  The latter threads will remain in that state until the read() times out, which, for JBossMessaging, is never, since remoting-bisocket-service.xml sets the "timeout" value to 0.  (Note, by the way, that the read() will be interrupted and the thread made available for reuse if the maximum number of threads is reached.)  Changing the control socket doesn't have any effect on this behavior.  If you're concerned about the number of threads, there is an "idleTimeout" parameter which, if set to a value greater than 0, will shut down threads that haven't been used for "idleTimeout" seconds.  Or, you could set "timeout" to a finite value.

> vidhya Baskaran wrote:
> Also does turning the ping off have any effect on the messaging (i will post it in the messaging forums...just wanted to see if you have any thoughts on it.)

Well, it used to be that JBossMessaging always turned off the ping, but I believe (and I think they now believe) that doing so can lead to problems.  The trick is to find the right ping interval to avoid too many spurious timeouts due to busy servers or congested networks. 



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