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"javaTypeAdapter for Strings"

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I'm trying to specify an XmlAdapter for all the String fields in our API to remove all the invalid xml characters
from the SOAP response before sending it to a client.
I've added the following to binding.xsd under globalBindings:

         name="java.lang.String" xmlType="xs:string"

When generating the client classes, the adapter class is generated and the string fields on the generated classes
get the annotation:

    @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(Adapter2 .class)
    protected String name;

The parseString and printString methods don't ever seem to be called though.
Is it possible to even override how strings are converted?

We're using JBoss 4.2.3


ps.: I've also tried specifying the XmlJavaTypeAdapter in the package-info, but that didn't have any effect. A post on these forums suggest that
JBoss 4.2.3 doesn't support this.


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