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"Need little help with isolation configuration and class loading"

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I am new here. If this is not correct forum (location) please suggest the better one.

Our company has jboss installed on some QA and Prod servers and accessing and modifying any files on server is less than desirable for stability reasons.
However the installed version (4.2.3.GA) is using older hibernate libraries (/server/default/lib/hibernate3.jar,...). I have to use newer libraries to be able to use hibernate annotations. I have set up maven project(s) so that I am downloading correct versions of hibernate, hibernate-annotations and hibernate-commons-annotations. These are getting bundled into the WAR and then into EAR files and are extracted properly into application's /lib directory. However jboss is picking up the default libraries (I can see that in logs) and AnnotationConfiguration is probably not the correct class (configure() method is not found).
If I remove the default jar files from jboss installation on my dev box, all works fine, all newer versions of hibernate libraries are loaded and my app works as expected. But like I said - modifying anything on the server side is not desired at all, I would like to force jboss to pick those hibernate libraries from supplied WAR/EAR files.

While trying to investigate and find the remedy, the only way I see is to do something with class loader in jboss-web.xml file. Maybe I am wrong here, but I cannot find anything close enough. However I am not able to understand how this file is organized. I have assumption that <loader-repository>com.example.loaderrepository:loader=my.war needs to be properly assigned, but I am not sure to what? "com.example" - is this a placeholder for the class that I need to load, or is this for something else? Currently my domain is just "localhost" but in QA or Prod environment it will be xxxxx.com
Also do I need to use java2ParentDelegation=false?


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