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1. I'm searching for some good practise tips on handling exceptions in AssignmentHandler.
When assigning task to an actor using a custom AssignmentHandler (that implements AssignmentHandler interface) exception occures in assign method.
How should I handle that exception in case of a first task in a process (the process has already started and it has a task with no actors to assign to)
My first solution is to delete the whole process and inform an user that a process hasn't started. But maybe there's a better solution to this problem.
And what in case this happens not in a first task of a process? I cannot delete a process. (I hope that in case of exception token stays on a previous node but haven't checked it yet)
2. Does JBPM support going back to a previous node (i.e. when exception occures in node-enter event action)? Or maybe there's a better practise?


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