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Hi Manik,
Thank you for your clear answer, actually we use JBC with a CacheLoader in that particular use case (which is in fact to implement the Lock Manager of our application) for the following requirements that are fulfilled by JBC with a CL :
1. The data of the locks must be replicated over the cluster
2. The data of the locks must not be modified at the same time to ensure their consistency (i.e 2 different users cannot add a lock on the same resource)
3. The data of the locks must be persisted
>> But if you know this set of keys and it is finite, then why do you use a cache store, since if it is to deal with persisting evicted objects, then you would still always have to check the store for existence of the object.
<< That is right, but all the data is loaded at startup, so we know that if the data is not in the local cache, it means that it doesn't exist in the database since the only way to add data into the database is to go though the JBC instance and its CacheLoader.


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