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Great tips, really appreciate!
> You can often cast to *Impl classes and do more
I think I was poking around and saw that, but it didn't feel good to downcast. I'll have another look.
We have been able to get pretty far with executionService too like you describe, too. The Node versus State discussion is my bad: I always saw State as being non-transient and Node as being transient: having written an FSM in both Java and JavaScript, I guess I have my own prejudices and they're showing. I used the concept of Guards on Transitions that held the decision logic instead of using Decision states. Nothing wrong with Decision States, mind you.
> Nobody ever did fix the template.... why? Not used a lot? Scared? .... If I may ask why didn't you?
I think I just weren't at a place where I felt we had it down and felt justified enough to change what's in the jar and submit a patch. There is quite a bit of resistance initially (technical debt incurrance being only one consideration) to going into 3rd party code unless you're really sure you know what you're talking about: to whit this conversation 
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