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Author  : Kabir Khan
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I did a little benchmark to test out my assumption that the indexing resolver performs better for large amounts of contexts waiting for dependencies. In each case I deploy 1000 beans.
* Scenario 1 - all contexts in the right order
Bean 1 has no depdencies
Bean 2 depends on Bean 1
Bean 3 depends on Bean 2
Standard resolver: 702 ms
Indexing resolver: 554 ms
* Scenario 2 - all contexts in wrong order
Bean 1 depends on Bean 2
Bean 2 depdends on Bean 1
Standard resolver: 3476
Indexing resolver: 601
I tried this with higher numbers, but this causes a StackOverflowError with the indexing resolver, the reason being that it works recursively when a waiting context gets its dependencies resolved. AbstractController.install()->IndexingDependencyResolver.resolveContext(ControllerContext) (takes the installed context as param) ->AbstractContoller.incrementState()->IndexingDependencyResolver.stateIncremented()->IndexingDependencyResolver.resolveContext(ControllerContext) (takes any waiting context as param). I'll try to untangle this recursion.


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