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I don't think he means the for-each construct. Ad-hoc task creation in jBPM 3 was something I used to. Task created just out of the blue, not related to the flow but part of the process.
In jBPM4 you can create subtasks of a task like with
     Task t = taskService.findPersonalTasks("username").get(0);
     Task subtask = taskService.newTask(t.getId());
     String stId = subtask.getId();

But these are not fully adhoc.
When you create a new task that is not a subtask, you can cast it to TaskImpl and set an execution. Keep in mind that this is NOT api comformant and might (or might not) break in the future. So if there is really a use case for it, make a jira issue and gather votes to get this in the API... You'll have my vote.


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