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> To follow up to my last post, I would like to attempt a somewhat controlled an order migration.  Is it possible to go one at a time, or do the MC projects have to go all at once?
No, not all at once, but in dependency order.
e.g. VFS -> CL - > Deployers -> OSGi ... others probably all go after Deployers as well
We will need a proper release of them all, at least of the dependecies -- leaves don't need to be tagged/released.
(it's mostly gonna be 2.2.0.Beta1)
Let's now settle on a date, which will be the deadline after which all trunk work for all involved projects must halt for a while.
I suggest 16th Feb, as it gives us enough time to finish whatever we have, and it's not on the first day of the week.
Once we agree, I'll send an announcement on the needed mls. OK?


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