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Thanks Max.
I really tried to figure it out but I have too small knowledge. Especially I don't know what is the difference between execution of testng Ant task vs execution of TestNG plugin. I also don't know nothing about configuration stuff inside test-project/bootstrap directory.
What is strange for me though is why any RichFaces/Ajax4JSF code is at all invoked. From what I know, Seam integration tests (extending SeamTest class) don't try to simulate any view rendering. They just test application logic and simulate container infrastructure (dependency injection, otujection, component scopes, conversations, etc). So ajax4jsf filter isn't needed at all in testing enviroment. So I disabled this filter in my components.xml file (<web:ajax4jsf-filter disabled="true"/>) but suprisingly the same exception still occurs wchich means that that filter is still in use.
That makes me thinking that there is somewhere something hardcoded just like "Gavin" and "ocalhost:8080/mypage/page.xhtml" stuff that I found in first post. I just don't know where it comes from .
Did you manage to reproduce this exception, Max? If not I can try to create minimal JBT project in wchich it occurs and attach it along with my build script that makes it working.


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