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> peterj wrote:
> Beware of microbenchmarks, like the one you have written. There are way too many factors that can throw the results off, including which garbage collector you are using, the heap size, which JDK you are using, and the list goes on.
> The only valid way to determine performance difference between the two app servers is to make sure you configure them the same, use the same JDK with the same JVM options, deploy the exact same app to them, and then use a load testing tool such as JMeter and run a test that takes at least 15 minutes to run. Then look at the response times.
Well, we have the same JDK installed.
It is running in the exact same computer.
Deploying the exact same app. Except the beans are writting using EJB3 annotations in JBoss 5.1.0. But that shouldn't affect the speed of simple string handling methods right?
The simple methods to build an xml string in the EJB is taking up to 200-300% longer time.
We need a single call to the method to be quick. It is not an option to have it that slow.
JBoss 5.1.0 is slowing down all java methods that is running inside it somehow, and we need to figure out how to make that stop.


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