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Have you seen this, maybe it will help
<bean name="ServiceEndpointManager" class="org.jboss.ws.server.ServiceEndpointManager">
        The WSDL, that is a required deployment artifact for an endpoint, has a <soap:address>
        element which points to the location of the endpoint. JBoss supports rewriting of that SOAP address.
        If the content of <soap:address> is a valid URL, JBossWS will not rewrite it unless AlwaysModifySOAPAddress is true.
        If the content of <soap:address> is not a valid URL, JBossWS will rewrite it using the attribute values given below.
      <property name="webServiceHost">${jboss.bind.address}</property>
      <property name="webServiceSecurePort">8443</property>
      <property name="webServicePort">8080</property>
      <property name="alwaysModifySOAPAddress">true</property>


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