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Note1) instead of jbossws.deployer we should have two deployers:
- jaxrpc.deployer
- jaxws.deployer
Perhaps that was not clear enough, that's what I have in the prototype impl.
Contains one stack (Native, CXF, Metro) used for JAXWS functionalities and also for jaxrpc ones in case of Native stack.
It has the stack-agnostic-jboss-beans.xml and stack-specific-jboss-beans.xml as usual.
Contains just the two descriptors only jars (jbossws-native-factories.jar, jbossws-native-services.jar), the jboss-classloading.xml, another stack-agnostic-jboss-beans.xml with the new describe stage deployers declaration only. Another stack-specific-jboss-beans.xml (with the jaxrpc only DA) is dropped here by the jbossws-cxf and jbossws-metro install scritps (that basically enable this deployer, which otherwise does nothing).
Note2) This is the first initial prototype that will require further
cleanup in the future.
Sure, I'm probably doing some initial clean up today. Then, if there's no special complaint, I'll merge to trunk. That's because we need to have this go through the usual hudson runs / QA in general, to make sure it always works.
Note3) If we're passing all TCK5 suites with Native with this
JAX-RPC prototype the I don't see any reason why we couldn't merge
this prototype upstream.
I did not re-run the TCK5 with Native, but I think there're no problems here, at most we need to verify the jbossws classpath in the porting layer configuration, the new deployers do not enter the game when Native stack is installed. Also, this is something that will probably affect TCK6 only, as we're not going to make this available to AS 5.x.
Question) It's not clear to me why this JAX-RPC prototype cannot be
backported to AS 501, AS 510 and AS 600M2 AS IL?
Are we using some AS upstream features there? 
This is important to have IMHO to verify Note3)
First of all it's a dependency problem. We need to have those jbossws-native-factories.jar and jbossws-native-services.jar installed in jbossws-jaxrpc.deployer. Currently the AS trunk build would put them there. To do that in the AS IL we probably need to have that depend on Native stack.
Moreover, we need to have the jbossws-native-core.jar installed in client and common/lib also when the CXF/Metro stacks are deployed. It's not clean to do that during install of a stack, and again if that lib is not there (immagine you have Metro 3.2.2 installed on AS5 and you want to install CXF 3.3.0), we need to depend on Native.
Anyway, in the long term, something similar would probably be required nevertheless. Imagine we decide to provide an AS that ships with CXF stack by default, we'll have dependency on native stack too in the component-matrix/pom.xml, which is basically the same idea. But I think going on with this on AS 6 only is pretty much acceptable ATM (AS6 is a major release, blah, blah) and reduces the complexity.


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