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The most likely suspect is that revious to binding the server listening port to 1098, a client socket connection already was assigned to 1098.  The information that you mention below doesn't back up this theory.  That is assuming you following the steps:
1.  Start JBoss
2.  After seeing port 1098 in use error, obtain a list of all ports in use and see what 1098 is being used for.
Possible reasons for port 1098 to be in use:
A.  The TCPIP stack assigned port 1098 to a client connection prior to the failure.
B.  Some other program/process is already using port 1098.
It seems more likely to be caused by [A].  Restarting the OS and starting JBoss before starting other things could influence whether this scenario can happen.  This doesn't mean that you operationally need to reboot the OS after every JBoss restart.  Just be aware that the problem could happen and next time consider a OS reboot instead of re-install. 
If this continues to cause your production environment pain, other solutions could be used.


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