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Author  : Adrian Brock
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I've added a new mixin interface to implement this feature.
since I want to be able to do this as well in some of the stuff I'm doing.
There's also a mixin interface on DeployersImpl, so it won't work for Thomas unless
he changes his wangy wrapper to delegate the new method.
If the Deployers doesn't implement the new mixin interface, it falls back to doing
the deployments one by one, i.e. the old behaviour.
I've left the JIRA open in case we want to add some other methods?
One possiblity would be to have a
addChange(DeploymentStage, String name);
type api that let you move deployments to different stages at the same time.
But I'm not sure how useful that would be and the implementation would be a bit more complicated
and probably less efficient? :-)
If everybody is happy with just this one new method we can close the JIRA.


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