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No, im using jbpm 4.3.
I'm explain my case:
I have a DirectoryListener and on addFile
 dm.addDirectoryChangeListener(new DirectoryChangeListener() {
            public void directoryChange(DirectoryChangeEvent dce) {
                File file = (File)dce.getSource();
                if (dce.getType() == DirectoryChangeEvent.FILE_ADDED) {
                     HashMap<String,String> hashMap = new HashMap<String,String>();
                     hashMap.put("image_path", file.toString());
               System.out.println("added: " + file.toString());
                } else if (dce.getType() == DirectoryChangeEvent.FILE_REMOVED) {
                    System.out.println("removed: " + file.toString());

When a file is added on dir, a new processInstace is started.
List<ProcessInstance> listP = processEngine.get(ExecutionService.class).createProcessInstanceQuery().processInstanceKey("DEMO").list();

and while there are a lot of processInstances, the listP is empty.
I think that i can't use .processInstanceId("") because every process has a own Id (eg DEMO.xxxxxxx)
Any Idea?


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