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> Upon further thought I guess it could be possible for someone to feed the canonical File/URL in through the profileservice or admin console, which could then cause issues as it would not match the deployment URL.
> So maybe we need something.
I might be too "paranoid" and I agree the test doesn't really show the real-life use case.
But like you said, we might need something or at least be ready if it turns out there is a valid need for this.

Another (extreme) scenario I have in mind is the following use case.
Let's say we already mounted stuff for canonical paths.
But a user doesn't know about the real path (as it's ugly, hard to remember, ...), but he does know the nice symlinks.
And he tries to use that one to navigate through his resources -- resulting in a failure, as we only know the canonical path.
This one is quite ugly to get right, as we would probably always have to re-create the full path,
transform it into canonical, and only then get the child.
Doubt it's worth doing this -- ugly and slow code. No need to repeat some of the mistakes from VFS2. :-)


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