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> mailto:flavia.rainone at jboss.com wrote:
> I'm calling that new module scoped-classpool. Once it is ready, we can decide whether it would be a good idea to use those changes as a patch for Javassist, or whether we wanna keep it the way it is.
That new module is created. I removed everything that I thought is no longer being used, and replaced all references to javassist.scopedpool classes by references to the new org.jboss.classpool.scoped classes.
A summary of what has been done can be obtained by looking at the svn history log:
- Copied Scoped ClassPool classes from Javassist to a new scopedpool module.
- ScopedCPRepository is no longer singleton, it is an abstract class with a protected constructor instead. The default class pool can be defined as a parameter of the constructor.
- Replaced all references to javassist.scopedpool package by org.jboss.classpool.scoped package.
- Deleted ScopedClassPoolFactoryImpl class
Now I'm open for suggestions on what should be the next step: to write a patch for Javassist; to do an alpha release of the new version and update depending projects (JBoss AOP and JBoss Reflection, besides deployers-vfs tests); or to do more refactoring and improve something that doesn't look ok.


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