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> The 1.6 Final Draft November 2009 argues with itself over this:
Nah,,, 20.6.2, 20.6.3 specifies the implementation requirements for a CF (javax.resource.Referenceable + java.io.Serializable).
The text in 20.6.1 gives a hint to the implementor, that if the +naming server+ doesn't support both mechanisms, one can be used. See the 3 bullets in the section.
> I'm not sure about the unique name part though.
Yes, this has to be designed.
> What is the alias?  Do you mean generically or with something
> like a LinkRef (I've never used that before so not sure how it works
> yet). 
Something like,
java:/eis/myresourceadapter --> java:/uniquenamegeneratedbythecontainer

LinkRef or other solutions is an implementation detail, we can worry about once we have the design for the unique names.


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