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Oops; I misread. It's not checking System.getProperty("securerandom.source") -- it's Security.getProperty("securerandom.source"). And the value for that generally comes from 
where $JAVA_HOME is the root of the JDK you're using.
On my system, that's
If on your system it's file:/dev/random and your system provides /dev/urandom, yes, you might consider changing it to file:/dev/urandom. Or, if you want to limit the change to just this application and not all uses of the JDK, like you say, use -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/urandom

That's the workaround listed for this JDK bug:

The output from /dev/urandom may contain less entropy then that from /dev/random, but it won't block. Whether the decrease in entropy is important for you depends on your application. I'd think it would only be a concern for a very small subset of applications.


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