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This is the second app we're migrating to virtual platforms.  The first one does not exhibit this problem.  But.. the first one is also started from a GUI context. there are four console windows that they have open at all times on the server's desktop.  They start one part of the app, mouse over to the second console and start the second part. mouse over to the third console... you get the idea.  (so, plenty of mouse and keyboard input to refresh /dev/random).
I tried starting this app I'm having the pause with, from a gui context.    We would start/stop the app until the pause occured (generally no more than 3 cycles). Once we had a run cycle that exhibited the pause, we then shook the mouse around, and it un-paused.   Two times we did that.
I also did the same thing from a command-line only context, by having two copies of run.sh and run.conf.   I would "Drain" the /dev/random by start/stopping the first copy (until it exhibited the pause).  I would then kill -9 that app, and switch to the other version which used /dev/urandom, and it would not pause during startup.   Tried that a couple times as well.
Perhaps it's naieve to think that by start/stoping I'm "draining" /dev/random... but the pause seems to be repeatable, and switching to /dev/urandom the pause cannot be made to happen, in several tries.
Thanks for the help!


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