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Thanks for the response,
The application is not yet in a production environment.  It was in QA that we discovered a problem with jboss freezing when the job executor was attempting to process existing timer jobs, at start up. After some research this does not appear to be an issue with jBPM but is exacerbated by the load produced by jBPM.  We believed this could be in part due to the JobExecutor spawning threads rather than utilizing the j2ee components to handle the multithreading aspect.  It was at this point that I discovered that the default jboss install (or the jbpg config from the jboss install) does not seem to utilize the j2ee components, event though it installs them. Either way I would like to be able to utilize the j2ee components. Since I couldn't find a reference on how to utilize the installed enterprise beans I had to dig through the code to figure it out.
So to answer your question, I have upgraded to 4.3 but have not been able to test the j2EE configuration yet. I really was hoping to find some guidance as to what is the correct way to integrate the j2ee components (Timers and CommandExecutor) since the code implies one way (target="ejb") which appears to having some missing components, and the other way (ejb-timer-sesion, etc.) does not appear to be working with our configuration (again not that the jbpm.sar and jbpm-enterprise.jar are included in an ear, and not stand alone deployments).
My most recent though was that having the sar and ejbs inside an ear was causing some problem with the jndi look, so I wanted to know if anyone knew of this issue coming up in the past and if there is a solution.
One thing to note, and I don't think this is an issue, but I should point it out. I do not currently have the jBPM deployer operating (again trying to just have a single ear deployment) so the jbpm-enterprise.jar is not being processed by the jbpm deployer, but I can't imagine that is a problem as I beleive the jbpm deployer is for the deployment of .bar archives.
So I will attempt to see how things run under jBPM 4.3, since I was finally able to get our app running using it (had to update some custom configurations used for unit tests). I didn't see anything in 4.3 that would reslove the jndi lookup issue (but I'm not really sure as jBPM hides the NamingException that is the root of the issue.), but I will give it a try.
Thanks again for the time and assistance.


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