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Hi Ganesh,
Sorry but we are not using the jBPM console or enterprise (ejb) modules. We are using only the process engine and we will implement our own GUI front end to interact with the jBPM APIs so I cant help you there. Of course if you want to deploy it to weblogic then as per any other deployment you will need to create an EAR with the relevant modules you want to deploy but it depends on the use case as you can also deploy jar/war to weblogic as well it does not _have_ to be an EAR. You could also deploy as a shared library but again it depends on the use case.
Also you should create a new forum post for such questions if you want someone to answer them as this has nothing to do with the original post regarding ProcessEngine.close() and hence its unlikely people will read this if they are not interested in that topic. As jBPM is now at 4.3 I doubt anyone is interested in this issue which was related to 4.1 !.
Good luck !.


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