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Author  : Michal Rorat
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Hi, I have a problem with configuring JBoss connetion to Oracle database. We are running out of connections on Oracle machine because of this issue.
My configuration in oracle-ds.xml:
I also have a library which creates its own connection pool with
And 5 MDBs with one connection reserver for each of them.
You might think that in this configuration after starting JBoss you will have 5 connections made to DB but I have 38! Even when I set max-pool-size in oracle-ds.xml to 5 it don't change the number of created connections which I get from Oracle Enterprise Manager.
If I put for example 5 in min-pool-size the numer of connection created is 43.
I also tried to find out the configuration for ManagedConnectionPool MBean with this command:
twiddle.bat invoke jboss.jca:service=ManagedConnectionPool,name=OracleDS listFormattedSubPoolStatistics
Sub Pool Statistics:
Sub Pool Count: 1
Track By Transaction: true
Available Connections Count: 60
Max Connections In Use Count:1
Connections Destroyed Count:2
Connections In Use Count:0
Total Block Time:0
Average Block Time For Sub Pool:0 
Maximum Wait Time For Sub Pool:0
Total Timed Out:2
My questions are...
- how can I find the place where those connections are created?
- is there any other configuration for connection pools?
- is there a list of connections with a class name which created each one of them?
Michal Rorat


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