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I'm developing an enterprise application which relies on JBoss AS and a MySQL or Oracle database. I'm developing on Windows XP Professional SP 3.
We are not bound to any particular version of the DB (in particular for development I'm using Oracle 10g Express).
Connections to the DB are obtained through a datasource and queries are performed via stored procedures. 

I'm having an issue with DATE fields which are accessed in Java with getTimestamp. The issue is described in 
and resolved that the only feasible approach is for me specifying oracle.java.V8Compatible to true. I use the ojdbc14.jar driver to connect to Oracle.

I tried to do this in run.bat, run.conf and in the datasource deployment descriptor. Nothing changed and DATE is not returned as a java Timestamp.
How can I achieve to treat Oracle DATE as a Java Timestamp?

Thank you very much for your help!

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