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Hi guys,
I've done some experimentation and it looks like we're both right.  I was right that ConnectionValidator correctly detects and reports a connection failure when the ethernet cable is pulled.  That should be true for any recent version of Remoting, either 2.2.x or 2.5.x.  When ConnectionValidator tells JBossMessaging about the failure, JBM should close the connection, which should lead to a call to MicroSocketClientInvoker.handleDisconnect() in Remoting.  Now, MicroSocketClientInvoker.handleDisconnect() closes all inactive sockets, but it doesn't close sockets that are currently involved in an invocation.  That's why the number of sockets doesn't go to zero when "timeout" is set to 0.  But if "timeout" is set to a non-zero value, these active sockets will time out and get closed.
By the way, there has been some discussion about changing the default "timeout" configuration in remoting-bisocket-service.xml to a non-zero value.


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