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h2. JBoss-IDE General FAQ 
h3. Read this before adding an entry 
This FAQ is intended to provide information on the everyday use of JBoss-IDE. Questions related to installation are addressed http://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-10411. There are many posts in the http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewforum&f=162 that are related to the subject, so it is a good place to gather the experience of the community. Please, follow the format of this page's setup and don't duplicate information.
h3. General Topics 
*Q : Why is it called JBoss-IDE when it's a set of plug-ins for Eclipse ?*
*A* : Eclipse is NOT an IDE but an application framework. It is a container for plug-ins, like JBoss is a container for MBeans. And as the J2EE support of JBoss is just an MBean, the Java-IDE of Eclipse is just a set of plug-ins. In both cases, it will become clearer and clearer in the future that the scope is much broader. IBM is thinking about using Eclipse as a framework for all(!) of their future applications. And that's how we see Eclipse and the people from Eclipse see it. (Have a look at the http://www.eclipse.org/articles/Article-Branding/branding-your-application.html that are based on Eclipse.) IBM's Websphere Studio Application Developer is a set of plug-ins (something like 500) on top of Eclipse and it's (of course) a product by itself. We're starting smaller (-: but nevertheless...
*Q : Do you plan to integrate with IDE's not based on Eclipse ?*
*A* : No. There are other projects that care of that.
*Q : It doesn't install or work correctly !!!*
*A* : First of all, don't panic. Second, ask yourself if you haven't made a mistake. If you can't solve your own problem, take a look at the JBoss-IDE forum. There are plenty of answers for the most common problems.
*Q : I found a bug, what should I do ?*
*A* : File a bug report on http://jira.jboss.com/jira/secure/BrowseProject.jspa?id=10020. Be sure to put everything needed to correct the bug: OS, Eclipse version, JBoss-IDE version, JVM version, and the steps to reproduce the bug. It is even better if you provide a patch.
h3. Launching topics
*Q : When launching JBoss 4.0.0 from the IDE, I get the following message: StandardContext[ebxmlrr]]StandardWrapper.Throwable java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field org.apache.xpath.compiler.FunctionTable.m_functions from class org.apache.xml.security.Init at org.apache.xml.security.Init.init(Init.java:233). What's wrong ?*
*A* : Ever since Java version 1.4.2_05, Java has included an out-of-date version of Xalan. The JBoss 4.0.0 startup scripts fix this by overriding the version of Xalan by setting the java.endorsed.dirs property. The JBoss IDE launcher does not do this. To fix this, just add
to the VM arguments box in the start tab of your server configuration in Eclipse.
Run -> Debug -> JBoss 4.0.x -> +yourconfignamehere+ -> Start -> VM arguments.
*Q : When launching JBoss from the IDE, I got the following message: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Files\jbossX/Y/Z. Exception in thread 'main'". What's wrong ?*
*A* : You are using JBoss on Windows and you should never install JBoss in a path that contains spaces. This causes the NoClassDefFoundException to be raised.
h3. XDoclet integration topics 
*Q : How do I upgrade XDoclet under JBoss-IDE ?*
*A* : JBoss-IDE is using an XDoclet distribution that may be outdated if you want to benefit from the latest corrections on XDoclet. Here are the steps to upgrade:
* Download or grab the XDoclet release you want. See the http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net for more informations.
* Locate the XDoclet core plugin in your Eclipse installation. Take a look at the plugins folder, and search for the org.jboss.ide.eclipse.xdoclet.core folder.
* Remove the old XDoclet jars (those in xdoclet-xxx-module.jar).
* Place the new XDoclet jars you are interested in.
* Remove the old xdoclet-X.X.X.jar and replace it with the new one (if the version is different)
* In Eclipse, go into the Window -> Preferences menu.
* Select JBoss-IDE -> XDoclet. Click on the Refresh XDoclet Modules button. The XDoclet build classpath is updated.
* Select JBoss-IDE -> XDoclet -> Code Assist. Click on the Refresh XDoclet Data button. The XDoclet code assist is updated.
*Q : I can't see the XDoclet/Packaging configurations in my Project properties ?*
*A* : There are two conditions needed to view these two items in the properties page:
* You must be in the Java perspective
* You must use the Package Explorer View.
If one of these conditions is missing, you won't be able to access the configurations.
*Q : Code Completion is not working for templates. I press CTRL+Space and nothing shows up .*
*A* : To access code completion, even for a template, you have to type an @ character and then press CTRL+Space. That's because templates are a set of tags and it begins by a @ character. Also make sure you are within a Javadoc comment (starting with /).
*Q : Can I define variables in my tags ? How can I specify values for them ?*
*A* : The xdoclet-build.xml file looks for an optional xdoclet-build.properties file. Put the values of your variables in it and they will be picked-up by the script. Another solution is to wrap the script with another Ant script that loads some properties and call the xdoclet-build.xml file.
h3. Packaging topics 
*Q : How do I include a custom manifest file in a packaging configuration ?*
*A* : There are two conditions to include a custom manifest file in a configuration :
* The file must be named "MANIFEST.MF" (uppercase)
* You must add it as a file and use the destination prefix "META-INF" (uppercase)
If one of these conditions is missing, the custom manifest file will not be included.


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