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Author  : Ronald van Kuijk
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> Do we have same support for netbeans as an IDE for jBPM as we have for Eclipse?
If you mean the graphical design part, no.

> What should be done to get jBPM working on Netbeans IDE
jBPM as a library can be used for developing developing projects within Netbeans without any problems.
> and using Glassfish/Sailfin as app server.
Just try to develop a small demo (e.g. use the test/examples) and see if you get any errors. Most likely there are some depending jar issues, but hopefully nothing major. For the jbpm console I have no clue, but most likely the same issues. Deploy it and see what errors you get.
> Will this integration will be as seamless and stable as jBPM+Eclipse+jBOSS?
Seamles: no, since you most likely have some jar depency issues, but nothing you cannot get around I think (nothing more/less then you could have with other frameworks)
Stable: Well, unless there are issues in e.g. Glassfish transaction management or datasource code, I think it will be as stable.
Eclipse: Has nothing to do with running jBPM.
So personally, I'd say go for it


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