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Author  : Martin Porter
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This is basic plain vanilla jBPM 4.3 deployed as an EAR to a single standalone instance of WLS (not clustered). Our jbpm.cfg.xml is just importing the Job Executor so we have not changed any of the threads or lock values so it should be using the default 3 threads according to the docs-
<import resource="jbpm.jobexecutor.cfg.xml"/>
We are running in a JTA enviroment and reading the latest 4.3 docs we should be importing the jta config:-
<import resource="jbpm.tx.jta.cfg.xml"/>
I will try this as currently we have been using the basic hibernate tx config:-
<import resource="jbpm.tx.hibernate.cfg.xml"/>
I am not sure if this would have any bearing on this problem or not. I will look into it further today and see if this has any bearing.
We are running against Oracle 11g so its seems then that its not related to the DB according to Tians post.It would seem as you say the problem lies in the unique ID generation for the execution id.


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