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Zdravo :-)
> The "getInstalledContext("SvcB")" from ServiceA.java fails. It suggest some sort of scoping is at play because if I look up SvcA from ServiceA, it works just fine.  I want to be able to look up a service just the same as if it is injected to me via "<inject bean=" from any service. Is this possible? Thanks!
No scoping. ;-)
I think I know what the problem is.
You're doing the lookup to soon.
At the moment you try to find *installed* SvcB, that one is *not* installed yet.
You can either
* try to do lookup via getContext("SvcB", null)
* make sure when SvcA invoked init, SvcB is already *fully* installed; SvcA depends on SvcB at Installed state
If this is not it, post the stack trace you're catching in init.


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